by Ernest Easley

“A Portrait of a Disciple”
Luke 13.1-5
July 26, 1998
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
I heard this week about a little boy visiting with
his grandmother and the subject of age came up.
Looking her straight in the eyes he asked,
“Grandmother, how old are you?” With a twinkle
in her eye she casually said, “Oh .. I don’t know.”
She was just putting him off.
Well .. that didn’t satisfy him. So .. he walked
back into the room where his Grandmother was
sitting and said very emphatically, “Grandmother .. I
believe I can help you find out how old you are.”
She asked, “Now how can you do that?” He said,
“Well .. when I want to know how old I am .. I just
look inside my underwear and the tag says that I’m
Well .. where do you look to find out what a
disciple of Jesus Christ looks like? Well .. you look
in the disciple’s handbook which is God’s holy book!
So . . . take God’s holy book and let’s begin in
the gospel according to Luke. Once you find Luke’s
gospel . . . turn if you will to chapter 13. It’s here that
Jesus gives us a portrait of a disciple
Let’s begin reading in verse 1. Let’s find out
what a disciple of Jesus Christ looks like and if
indeed we are one of His disciples.
“A Portrait of a Disciple?”
Luke 13.1-5
Now as we look upon a portrait of a disciple ..
the first thing we find is that a true disciple of Jesus
Christ is . . .
Jesus says in Luke 13.3, “I tell you, no; but
unless you repent you will all likewise perish.” Now
when Jesus says, “unless you repent” . . . he’s
talking about a person who has a new leader and a
new life and a new love!
You need to understand tonight that there is no
salvation a part from repentance! Turning from your
sin is essential for salvation to take place. You
cannot be a disciple of Jesus without repentance!
You cannot be a disciple of Jesus without turning
from a lifestyle of sin!
If you’re lifestyle ...

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