by Ernest Easley

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“The Folly of Fools”
Ecclesiastes 10
September 6, 1998
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
We’re continuing our series of messages this
morning through the book of Ecclesiastes. So .. take
God’s Word and join me in King Solomon’s record
of royalty.
I read the other day that one reason people don’t
read the Bible and attend worship was because they
didn’t think that the Bible was relevant to their lives.
Friend . . . they think that the Bible isn’t relevant for
the same reason some people think First Baptist
Church isn’t friendly: they haven’t tried it!!
You won’t find a church anymore friendly
than First Baptist and you won’t find a book more
relevant than the Bible!! In fact . . . the church and
the Bible are signs pointing you to the God that loves
you!! Both the church and the Bible are used by
God to help you to live in victory .. help you in your
marriage . . . help you in raising those children ..
help you to become a man of God or a woman of
God! Friend .. the Bible is not only holy . . . it is
Now when you read through the book of
Ecclesiastes . . . it sounds like you’re reading the diary
of modern man. Ecclesiastes is King Solomon’s
journal of his quest for the best. He set out to find
satisfaction and serenity but he ended up frustrated
and fed-up.
Solomon reminds me of so many people across
our city! In their attempts for satisfaction . . . they’ve
made some foolish mistakes. I may be talking to
some teenager or some adult this morning that in
your quest for the best in life . . . you too have made
some foolish mistakes. Somebody once said that
“some people can’t wait until April to make fools of
I can tell you this: if you’re trying to find
satisfaction and serenity a part from the Lord Jesus
Christ . . . you are a fool!! Now that’s not what Ernest
Easley says . . . that’s what God says.
In fact . . . six times in chapter 10 Solo ...

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