by Ernest Easley

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“What A Difference God Makes”
Ecclesiastes 8
August 23, 1998
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
If you want to read a book about life and how
to live it to the fullest . . . then the Bible is the book
for you! Now when you come to the Old Testament
book of Ecclesiastes .. you find the journal of a King.
His name was Solomon. And like so many of you . . .
Solomon set out on a quest for the best.
Now you would think that being King would
bring contentment and fulfillment into his life .. but
in looking back over his life .. he realized that life
without God was empty!
Friend . . . life is different for those who know
God from those who don’t! I mean .. when you have
a personal relationship with Jesus Christ your past is
forgiven . . . your present is fulfilling .. and your
future is fabulous!

When you have peace with God and the peace
of God through Jesus Christ . . . Your past is erased
. . . your present is enjoyable .. and your future is
Now you say, “Wait just a minute. Even a
saved person is going to physically die.” That’s
right! The person with Christ is going to die
physically .. but death doesn’t threaten a Christian
because death can’t take away anything important!!
What a difference God makes!! You say,
“Ernest, I feel sorry for you because you’re a
Christian.” Well don’t! I feel sorry for you because
you’re not a Christian!
You’re just existing and I’m living! You’re
enduring life and I’m enjoying it! You’re still
searching for contentment and I’ve found it! Life
to you is monotonous and life to me is marvelous.
Not because I’m better than you (you may be better
than I am) and not because I’m smarter than you
(because you might be smarter). And not because I
possess more than you (because you may possess
more) .. But because I’ve discovered that life is
complete through a relationship with Jesus Christ!
Well .. that’s what I want to ...

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