by Ernest Easley

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“How To Overcome Loneliness”
Ecclesiastes 4.8-12
July 26, 1998
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
You know . . . a lot of people are just like that!
They look at all they’ve accomplished and
accumulated . . . and wonder why their life is still
empty! They ask, “Why isn’t this satisfying? Why
am I working my fingers to a bone for so little
King Solomon was like that! Like some of you
. . . he set out on a quest for the best! He wanted to
discover meaning in life but he only found the
madness of life.
Solomon had accumulation without
satisfaction. He had possessions without peace. He
had money but no meaning. He had cash without
contentment. And perhaps like you .. his pockets
were full but his life was empty!
He saw all the things in his life and then
wondered why his life was so empty. That’s what I
want to talk to you about this morning from the Old
Testament book of Ecclesiastes! I want to show you
from God’s Word How To Overcome Loneliness..
So .. take God’s infallible Word and turn please
to Ecclesiastes chapter 4. Now as Solomon looked
back over his life . . . he realized that the higher he
climbed on the ladder of success the more lonely he
became. His drive for success landed him in the land
of loneliness!
Look if you will beginning in verse 8 of this
fourth chapter of Ecclesiastes. We’re going to read
down through verse 12 as we learn . . .
“How To Overcome Loneliness”
Ecclesiastes 4.8-12
Solomon reminds me of so many people today!
He had it all! He did it all! And having it all and
doing it all left him lonely! In fact .. verse 8 says,
“There is one alone, without companion ..” Do you
see the expression, “There is one alone?” The
Hebrew literally reads, “A lone one.” It describes
that feeling of being cut off .. unnoticed .. unloved.
Now skip down to the middle of verse 8, “Nor
is his eye satisfied with riches ..” The word
trans ...

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