by Ernest Easley

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“Running on Empty”
Ecclesiastes 1-2
October 19,1998
Liberty Univeristy
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
What a privilege to be with Dr. Fallwell and to
be on the campus of the great Liberty University! I
have prayed for God to use these next few minutes to
forever change your life. You see .. God wants to
forever set you free from the monster of materialism
and the god of greed!
So .. take your Bible and join me in the Old
Testament book of Ecclesiastes. You say, “Ernest,
that’s a funny name for a book of the Bible:
Well .. you’re going to find that the name of
this book may be funny . . . but not the nature of this
book! The title of the book may be funny .. but not
the truth found in it.
You see . . .. it’s from the book of Ecclesiastes
that you’re going to learn about a man .. like some of
you .. who got away from God! I mean this man
simply left God out of his life and then wondered
why he wasn’t happy!
And I dare say that there are some students here
this morning that are trying to be happy without God!
Some of you are spending their life searching
for real happiness and satisfaction and contentment
without God! No wonder you’re fed-up with life!
You need to know that You may possess the
whole world .. but without Jesus Christ you cannot
be satisfied! It’s not your goods that satisfy. . . it’s
God! It’s not your jewels that satisfy . . .. It’s
Jesus. It’s not your silver that satisfies . . . it’s the
“I’d rather have Jesus than silver or gold; I’d
rather be His than riches untold; I’d rather have
Jesus than houses or lands. I’d rather be led by
His nail-pierced hand.”
That’s what the book of Ecclesiastes is all
about: MAN’S QUEST FOR THE BEST. I want to
show you from God’s Word how Man’s Quest for
the Best often times leaves a person “running on
Let’s begin reading in chapter 1 verse 1 as we
think together about ...

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