by Ernest Easley

A Word for the Weary
Proverbs 12.25
December 6, 1995
Dr. Ernest L. Easley

For a few minutes tonight we're going to wise up ...
and then we're going to rise up ... so that we can liven
up! Take your Bible and turn please to Proverbs 12.
What is a Proverb? Well .. the word "proverb"
means "to be compared with." A Proverb is a statement
that makes a comparison. A Proverb is to the Old
Testament what a Parable is to the New Testament. They
are not promises! They are proverbs!
It's through the pages of Proverbs real wisdom is
found. And what is wisdom? Well .. the word translated
"wisdom" in Proverbs was used in that day to describe
the skill of a sailor .. skill of a singer. So .. the book of
Proverbs sharpens our skills in godly living!
And let me tell you something: if you plan to get
through the Holiday rush ... it's going to take some
wisdom! As I said Sunday night ... for many ... the
Christmas Season is full of silent nights of loneliness.
And many people become so depressed that they decide
that it's easier to take their life than to endure the pain of
the holiday season!
And what a tragedy ... yet .. it is the truth. In fact
... I'm probably talking to some folks here tonight that
are already worrying and weary! And that's who I want
to talk to night.

There is a legend told about how the Devil was
auctioning off his tools that he used to wreck the work of
God. There was Pride .. Hate .. Envy .. Gossip ..
Criticism .. Bitterness .. Anger. And he had a high price
on all of these tools.
But there was one tool that had a sign under it that
said, "Not for sale." Somebody asked, "Why isn't that
tool for sale?" He replied, "I couldn't afford to get rid of
that one because that is my chief tool. It is the tool of
Somebody asked him, "Why is that one so
important to you?" "Well," he said, "I can get into a
heart and pry it open with this tool and once ...

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