by Ernest Easley

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Three Deadly Spirits (17 of 17)
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Philippians 4:1-4
April 8, 1998

Tonight we move into chapter 4 in our study of the book of Philippians. So .. take your Bible and join me in Philippians chapter 4.

Now as soon as you find chapter 4 you find Paul using the word "therefore." Remember as you study the Bible and come across the word "therefore" ... you always want to back-track. When you read "therefore" ... think of it this way: "in light of what I just said .. in light of what you just read .." All right then .. what did Paul just say?

Well .. he just finished talking about the enemies of the cross (vv.18-19) .... our heavenly citizenship (v.20) .... the fact that we are looking for our Lord's return (v.20b) ... that we're anticipating a new body when upon His arrival (v.21) ....

In light of these wonderful truths ....Paul says 4 things: stand fast in the Lord ... be of the same mind ... help the women in church having problems .. and rejoice in the Lord!

Now apparently .. the church at Philippi was experiencing some internal problems. In fact .. in involved a couple of women! And we're going to learn tonight that the same power that saves us is the same power that resolves disputes among us!

Now as you look at chapter 4 remember we find a "therefore." Chapter 3 concludes by referring to God's Power. Chapter 4 begins by referring to Man's Problem. In fact .. we find in these first 4 verses ..

"Three Deadly Spirits"
Philippians 4.1-4

Now as we think for a few minutes tonight about "Three Deadly Spirits" ... we find the first one mentioned in verse 1, "Therefore my beloved and longed-for brethren, my joy and crown, so stand fast in the Lord, beloved." The first deadly spirit Paul mentions here is ..

Notice in verse 1 that Paul refers to them as "my joy and crown." He considered them his "joy" because he loved them! They were a joy to him! Seeing what God had done in them and th ...

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