by Ernest Easley

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"Turning our City Right-Side Up"
Acts 17.1-4
January 4, 1998
Dr. Ernest L. Easley

What a great way to begin this new year! I
want to commend you for being in worship on
Sunday nights! I have a dream for Sunday nights!
And that dream is for Sunday nights to be filled with
praise and preparation!
Praising the Savior and Preparing the Saints!
Especially our younger couples! Now I've heard all
kinds of excuses why some people don't attend on
Sunday night. But folks .. the truth is that most of us
do what we want to do! And I pray God that our
membership will want to attend Sunday night
worship! Church is like a beauty treatment. It gives
you a faith lift!
You're going to see a little logo around the
church building that says: Sunday Night Celebration
for the Whole Family! And I want to encourage you
to keep coming and to invite a friend. I believe that
God's going to use our Sunday night services of 1998
to strengthen marriages and homes! As we highlight
our children's choirs .. I'm going to share with their
Mom's and Dad's some things from the Bible that's
going to help them in raising those children.
When our Youth Choir sings .. I want to share
with Mom's and Dad's some things from God's Word
about raising teenagers and how to live to tell it!
So .. you keep your eyes open for a new logo
that communicates what's taking place on Sunday
Nights! Sunday Night Celebration for the Whole
All right ... now having said that ... take your
Bible and turn please to Acts 17. When you come to
chapter 17 .. Paul and Silas are still on their second
missionary journey. They had left Philippi where
they saw three people came to Christ: Lydia who had
a tender soul. A Slave girl who had a tormented soul.
And a Jailer who had a tough soul!
And though they were very different in
background a culture .. they had something in
common! They all needed their s ...

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