by Ernest Easley

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"How To Survive the Midnight Hour"
Acts 16.25-34
January 4, 1998
Dr. Ernest L. Easley

As we continue our study of the book of Acts
under the general heading: The Church Alive ... turn
please to the 16th chapter! Acts 16.
Now remember that Paul and Barnabas were on
their second missionary trip. They had arrived at the
city of Philippi. And while they were there .. they
had the opportunity to point some people to faith in
Jesus Christ. And the amazing thing was that they
were very different in background and culture.
The first person to receive Jesus Christ there at
Philippi was Lydia. The second person was an
unnamed slave girl. And tonight we're reading about
the conversion of a jailer!
Lydia would be considered to be in the upper
class. The slave girl would be considered in the
lower class. And this jailer would be considered in
the middle class!
Lydia had a tender soul. The slave girl had a
tormented soul. The jailer had a tough soul! It's it
wonderful that the gospel of Jesus Christ reaches
people right where they are? The gospel of Jesus is
for everybody! The ground is level at the foot of the
Isaiah 59.1, "Behold, the Lord's hand is not
shortened, that it cannot save; nor His ear heavy,
that it cannot hear." In other words .. there's nobody
so bad that they cannot be saved and there's nobody
so good they need not be saved!
Now look with me to Acts 16.25. Paul and
Silas had been thrown in jail. Their crime? Pointing
a demon possessed girl to Jesus! Jesus set her free
from her demon possession! When the demon left
her .. so did her ability to tell the future and the Bible
says that her masters became angry!
Listen friend .. if you want to upset the Devil's
crowd just mess with their pocketbook! Look what
happened beginning in Acts 16.22-24 ...
Now their prisons weren't like the prisons we
have today. Their prison was just a whole ...

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