by Ernest Easley

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"Freedom for a Slave Girl"
Acts 16:16-24
December 21, 1997
Dr. Ernest L. Easley

We're continuing our study tonight through the
book of Acts under the general heading: The Church
Alive! It was Jesus Christ that commenced His
church and it is Jesus Christ that commissioned His
church! And because Jesus is alive .. His church is
Now take God's Word and join me in Acts
chapter 16. The church at Antioch had sent out Paul
and Barnabas as missionaries. And when you come
to chapter 16 .. you are reading the account of the
second missionary trip.
They had arrived at the city of Philippi. And
while there .. they had the opportunity to point some
people to Jesus Christ! And the amazing thing was ...
they were very different in background and culture.
The first person won to Jesus was a woman
named Lydia. Lydia was a professional
businesswoman who was a seller of purple. And
from the life of Lydia we learned last Sunday that
Religion without Jesus leaves you unsaved. Lydia
was religious all right. I mean .. she believed in God
and even prayed at times. But she was missing a
personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.
You just put it down: Religion without Jesus
leaves you unsaved. The Second principle we
learned was that Riches without Jesus leaves you
She had money but no peace! Her riches had
left her unsatisfied. But that hunger drove her to
Jesus who is the bread of life!
And then from the life of Lydia we learned that
Relationships without Jesus leaves you unsettled.
After she met Jesus she went and told her family and
they were all saved and then baptized.
Now tonight as we come to verse 16 we read
the account of the conversion of a slave girl. She was
the second person reached for Jesus Christ! And yet
.. she was very different from Lydia.
Lydia was among the upper class. This slave
girl was among the lower class. Lydi ...

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