by Ernest Easley

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"Down By The Riverside"
Acts 16:11-15
December 7, 1997
Dr. Ernest L. Easley

Take God's Word and join me in Acts chapter
16. We have been learning on Sunday nights from
the book of Acts that the church of Jesus Christ is
alive! And because Jesus Christ had come into the
lives of two men named Paul and Barnabas .. they
wanted everybody to experience the same peace and
joy that they had.
So .. the church at Antioch sent them out as
missionaries. And when you come to chapter 16 ..
you are reading the account of the second missionary
Now their second mission trip took them to the
city of Philippi. And while they were there ... they
attended a prayer meeting on the Sabbath down by
the riverside. And what took place there by the
riverside in the life of a woman named Lydia .. can
take place in your life here tonight. Lydia made a
decision that morning that forever changed her life
and family.
This auditorium can become your riverside
tonight. In the next few minutes I want to show you
how you can experience lasting peace and joy! I'm
talking to some businessmen and businesswomen
tonight whose lives are empty. I want to show you
from the Bible how you can have a full and
meaningful life.
Perhaps your family is being torn apart these
days. Well .. I want to show you from God's Word
how to restore your home and it's found in this book
we call the Bible.
Now look with me to Acts 16 beginning in
verse 11 as we think tonight on this subject:
"Down By The Riverside"
Acts 16.11-15
Now from the life of Lydia ... I want to give you
three principles that can forever change your life.
Vv.13-14 ... Lydia was a religious person. She
went down by the riverside to join-in on a prayer
Now the Bible tells us that she had come from
Thyatira. Thyatira was in Asia Minor which is
modern day Turkey. ...

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