by Ernest Easley

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The Wonder of Prayer (Pt. II) (3 of 4)
Matthew 7.7-12
May 17, 1998
Dr. Ernest L. Easley

I want to congratulate our High School graduates!
And by the way... do we have anyone here besides our
High School students that are graduating? Perhaps
you’re graduating from college or seminary? We want
to recognize your accomplishment! Would you please
Wonderful! Well... I want to say to you college
bound students: Be kind to your parents! After
sending you through college... you’re all they will
have left!
I read this week about a survey that indicated
that college students prefer ties with dots... suits
with stripes... and letters with checks!!
In just a few months... I’m joining other Fathers
that are working their son’s way through college!!
Well... we as a church want you to know we are
proud of you! And it’s our prayer that what you have
learned while here that no University will remove!!
Well... I have a message for you graduates this
morning. What I have to tell you from God’s Word
this morning will guide you through these next few
years. In fact... you’re going to need a lot of it in
order to survive!!
You ask, “Pastor, you must be talking today
about money?” No! Though you’ll need a lot of that
to get you through college. I want to talk to you
about something more important than money! I want
to talk to you about prayer!!
If you’ll hem in both ends of the day with
prayer... it most likely won’t unravel in the middle!
That’s what Jesus is talking about in Matthew
chapter 7. So... take God’s Word and turn please to
Matthew chapter 7! We’re thinking again today about:

“The Wonder of Prayer”
Matthew 7.7-12
Now as we consider the “Wonder of Prayer”...
Jesus begins by giving us some Instructions. Next...
He gives us some Illustrations. And then finally...
He’s going to show us the Influence of prayer.
Now using that simple outline... I want to
invite you ...

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