by Ernest Easley

Living the Satisfied Life
Ernest L. Easley
Matthew 5:1-9

Now from the Word of God, I want to show you how you can live the satisfied life! A life of abundant joy and absolute peace!

What some of you are breaking your neck to get, God wants to give it to you! Satisfaction Guaranteed! That's what Jesus was talking about one day while sitting on top of a mountain! The secret to the satisfied life!

That's how much God loves you! Not only does He want to save you, He wants to satisfy you! If all you have is conversion without contentment, you're missing out on God's best!

And you need to know that what was true for those on that mountain top was also true for those down in the valley! And whether you're living on the mountain top today or down in the valley, if you're going to live the satisfied life of abundant joy and absolute peace, you've got to start doing things God's way! And His way is found right here in Matthew chapter 5!

Look if you will with me to Matthew chapter 5. We're picking up where we left off last Sunday morning as we learn the secret to the satisfied life!

Now I want you to notice that nine times in the first eleven verses Jesus says ''Blessed.'' Now, what does that mean? Well, the word translated ''blessed'' comes from a Greek word that means ''great joy, lasting satisfaction, to be filled with joy, complete satisfaction.''

That's what Jesus is explaining! How to live a life of great joy! How to live a life of complete satisfaction!

Now, if you're life is lacking satisfaction and joy, I want to show you from God's Word how you can live the satisfied life! I'm talking to some teenagers today and you're life is empty! You've tried drugs and alcohol and sex trying to experience acceptance and satisfaction and it's left you feeling guilty and empty! And oh, how you long to live the satisfied life!!

Well, I've got some wonderful news for you! Satisfaction is guaranteed when you do things His way! You ask, ''What is H ...

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