by Ernest Easley

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Good-bye to Bondage .. Hello to Blessing
"Touring the Tabernacle" (Part 1V)
The Holy of Holies
Exodus 30
November 9, 1997
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
I've got some wonderful news today: God
wants to dwell with you! He wants to join in your
activities! He wants to set you free from those things
that hold you in bondage! He wants you to enter into
His presence! He wants you to experience His
power! He wants you to enjoy His provision!
That's what the Old Testament Tabernacle is all
about! God instructed Moses in Exodus 25.8, "And
let them make Me a sanctuary, that I may dwell
among them."
And so God spent 40 days on top of a mountain
with Moses giving him the directions and
dimensions for constructing the tabernacle. God
wanted that tabernacle constructed a certain way
because that tabernacle was a shadow of things to
Now we've learned so far in our tour of the
tabernacle that it was portable in it's purpose. In
other words .. it was a portable worship center!
Everywhere the children of Israel went ... God went
with them! God wanted to take every step they took
as they wandered through the wilderness!
I'm talking to some people here today and like
the children of Israel ... you're in the wilderness!
Cheer up! God is with you!
Now .. there's a cause for celebration! As you
go through that desert experience remember that you
have a traveling companion and His name is
Emmanuel! God with us!
But not only was it portable in it's purpose ..
.it was permanent as a portrait.
Everything associate with the tabernacle points
to the person or work of the Lord Jesus Christ!
Everything from the altar to the ark was a permanent
portrait that shows us the conditions for knowing
It's God's House of Symbols! This morning we
continuing our tour of the tabernacle. So .. take
you're Bible and turn please to Exodus 30. And once
you've found Exodus 30 .. get your diagram of t ...

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