by Ernest Easley

"How To Overcome Discouragement"
2 Kings 13.14-19
December 28, 1997
Dr. Ernest L. Easley

Now on this last Sunday of 1997 ... I want to
ask you a question! Do you ever get discouraged? I
mean ... so discouraged that you just want to quit
Perhaps you lost a mate or a close friend this
year and you're feeling lonely. And you've tried to go
on! But the discouragement has left you wondering
if you can go on! And you say, "Pastor, I'm ready to
give up!"
That's what discouragement does! It removes
the desire to go on!
Perhaps your marriage is a wreck! You've tried
all year long to make it work and nothing has worked
and you're discouraged and ready to walk away!
For you it may be a moral failure. You've tried
and tried and kept failing all year long and you're so
There's an old fable that one day the Devil had
an auction of all his tools in order to raise a little
money. So .. he put his tools out for all to see and the
price he would take for each item.
The auction began and he auctioned off fear ..
hatred ... pride ... envy ... lust. All the tools that he
used to get into the hearts of men and women to
cause havoc.
Somebody noticed that one tool had been set
aside and had no price tag. They asked the Devil,
"Why isn't that tool for sale today?" He said, "I
cannot afford to sell that tool. That's my most
valuable tool. With that tool I can devastate a
Christian in little time! It's not for sale!"
They asked, "Well Mr. Devil, what's the name
of that tool?" He said, "That tool is called
And the Devil continues using discouragement
to devastate our lives! Now .. if you're discouraged
with your marriage ... discouraged with your children
.. discouraged with your job ... I want to show you
from God's Word how to overcome discouragement!
Now look with me to 2 Kings chapter 13. It's in
this chapter that Elisha ... whom you will ...

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