by Ernest Easley

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"Wilderness Worries"
Exodus 15-16
June 15, 1997
Dr. Ernest L. Easley

Now take God's Holy Word and turn please to Exodus chapter 15. We're learning these days how
to say Good-bye to Bondage and Hello to Blessing for so many people today are living in bondage and so
few are living in blessing!
And may I tell you that there is no blessing in bondage and no bondage in blessing! God not only
wants to break the burden of bondage ... but He can! In fact .. He's the only One that can!
Last time together the children of Israel were crossing the Red Sea! After they crossed the Sea we
read in 14.27, "And Moses stretched out his hand over the sea; and when the morning appeared, the sea
returned to its full depth, while the Egyptians were fleeing into it. so the Lord overthrew the Egyptians in
the midst of the sea." And then verse 28, "Not so much as one of them remained."
And then in chapter 15 we find recorded the first song in the Bible! There was no singing while
they were in bondage! Only suffering and sighing!
Let me tell you something .. people that are in bondage don't sing! There's no singing in bondage
because there's no joy in bondage. But just as God set the children of Israel free from their bondage ... the
Lord Jesus Christ can set you free! Jesus can put a song in your heart! Jesus can put joy in your life! And
how wonderful to know today that there is a way out of bondage and a way into blessing!
Now as we come to chapter 15.22 ... the children of Israel just finished singing praises unto the
Lord! They were finally leaving Egypt after 400 years! And we're going to see today that it was one thing
to get Israel out of Egypt .. it was another thing to get Egypt out of Israel!
Now having said that .. look with me please to Exodus 15. I want to begin reading in verse 22.
We're thinking today on this subject:
"Wilderness Worries"
Exodus 15.22-27
We' ...

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