by Ernest Easley

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Life after Failure (3 of 10)
Goodbye to Bondage...Hello to Blessing
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Exodus 3-4
May 11, 1997

Now as you're finding Exodus chapter 3 .. I want to tell you that God specializes in restoring and reusing failures! That's right! God specializes in taking failures and restore them and then reuse them! You see ... failure becomes your friend when your failures drive you to God!

Failure becomes your friend when your failures drive you to God! Therefore ... don't waste your failures!

I'm talking to some people today and you consider yourself a failure. For you it is your marriage! You're failing as a husband. You're failing as a wife! For others ... it's your finances! Perhaps it was that business you always dreamed of having and you failed! For some of you teenagers ... you're failing in the classroom! You've failed as an athlete! You may have failed morally!

Don't waste your failures! You say, "Pastor, what do you mean when you say "don't waste your failures?" Well .. here's what I mean! I mean to use your failure for something good! And there is nothing better in life than to come to God through His Son Jesus Christ! It's true .. failure becomes your friend when your failure drives you to God!

Consider the life of Moses! The first 40 years of his life he learned to be a somebody. He was the prince in Egypt! The second 40 years of his life he learned to be a nobody. He was a shepherd in the land of Midian. And then the last 40 years of his life he learned what God could do with somebody who had learned the first two things. For he lead the children of Israel out of Egypt into the Promised Land!

So as we come to chapter 3 in our study of the book of Exodus ... I want you to know this: THERE IS LIFE AFTER FAILURE!

Moses is now 80 years old. He had just spent 40 years taking care of sheep in the desert land of Midian. And while he was there ... God was preparing him spiritually and mentally and physically to lead t ...

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