by Ernest Easley

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God's Special Delivery (2 of 10)
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Exodus 2.1-24
April 27, 1997

We're learning these days together about saying good-bye to bondage and hello to blessing! That's what the book of Exodus is all about: Saying good-bye to the bondage of sin and hello to the blessing of God!

You say, "Pastor ... is there really a way out of the bondage I'm under? Is there really a way out from all the junk of this world that has plagued me so long?"

Oh yes! A thousands times yes! In fact .. that's what the name "Exodus" means: a way out! Friend .. there is a way out! There is a way of escape! And it's from the pages of the book of Exodus that God shows you the way out of bondage and the way into blessing!

Now .. is Genesis is the book about creation .. then Exodus is the book of salvation. In Genesis .. we learn how man got into sin. In Exodus .. we learn how God takes man out of sin!

Now learn this: the book of Exodus is a sequel to the book of Genesis. Exodus picks up where Genesis leaves off with 400 years in between. And I don't want you to miss a single message on these Sunday mornings as we learn from the book of Exodus how to say good-bye to bondage and hello to blessing!

All right .. this morning we come to chapter 2. You will remember from last Sunday that the children of Israel or you could say the children of Jacob for it means the same thing, were like some of you today! They were singing the bondage blues! The Hebrews were being held slaves down in the land of Egypt.

The new king didn't know Joseph. He wasn't like the other kings who sensed an allegiance and friendship to Joseph's family. By now .. all of Joseph's family had died and the land of Egypt was swarming with Hebrews!

Now when this new king realized that there were more Hebrews than Egyptians .. he feared that if a war broke out .. he might be defeated. So .. he ordered all the male babies to be killed. And so chapter ...

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