by Ernest Easley

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What the Bible Says about Fasting (1 of 4)
Dr. Ernest Easley

In our time remaining ... I want to talk to you about what the Bible says about fasting. What does the Bible say about fasting. Now .. I can hear somebody say, "Oh .. I've fasted before and lost 5 lbs." Is weight loss the reason for fasting?

It may be true that life begins at forty, but everything else starts to wear out .. fall out .. or spread out. And fasting may help your waistline ... but there is more to fasting than losing weight. What does the Bible say about fasting?

The word "fast" in the OT is the Hebrew word sum .. now after fasting on Tuesday that really makes since to me that the Hebrew word is sum .. for I caught myself thinking ... "I wish I had sum food!"

The word "fast" in the NT in the Greek word neestia .. which like the Hebrew word sum referred to abstaining from food.

I had a phone call Tuesday from one of our members and he was in a discussion with another member about fasting. He asked me if there was a certain amount of time we're to fast. From sun-up to sun-down? ... was it for one day? ... was it for one meal? Just how long are we to fast? Those men were searching for the truth .. weren't they?

I had a lady stop me in the hall on Tuesday night and told me she had been fasting and praying throughout the day and it was about 8:30 p.m. and asked, "When is all right for me to eat?" Well .. what does the Bible teach about fasting?

In our time tonight ...I want us to see 6 truths about Fasting. They all start with the letter "P" ... I think of these as the 6 sweet "P's" of fasting:


When a person fasts ... just how long is the fast to last? Well .. the Bible tells us that fasts varied in length.
-one day fast. (2 Sam 3.35)

"And when all the people came to persuade David to eat food while it was still day, David took an oath, saying, "God do to me, and more also, if I taste bread or anything else till ...

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