by Ernest Easley

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An Average Day in the Life of an Angel (4 of 5)
Angelmania in America
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Selected Scripture

Today we come to our fourth study of Angels. We're thinking under the general heading: Angelmania in America. And what an exciting study we're having! Now let me remind you of the outline we're using for this study.

First .. there is the Reality of Angels. Second .. the Responsibility of Angels. And then finally .. the Rebellion of Angels. Their Reality .. Their Responsibility .. Their Rebellion

Now before we move into their responsibility .. let me quickly review their reality. With the Bible as our guide .. we have learned about their creation .. their count ... classification and their characteristics. That they have personality because they have intelligence, emotion, and a will.

Next we saw their properties. That their bodies are immortal and incorruptible. And finally their power. Their power is granted by God and governed by God!

Now that brings us to the second point of our study: the responsibility of angels. What do you think an angel does every day? I mean .. what do they do? Are they just flying around flapping their wings to the tune of "I'll Fly Away?"

What do angels do in an average day? Well .. that's what I want to talk to you about today: An Average Day in the Life of An Angel

Now ... as we think about an average day in the life of an angle ... I want us to consider their four- fold responsibility.

First ... they proclaim. Second .. they protect. Third .. they punish. And fourth ... they praise.

They proclaim .. protect .. punish .. praise.

-God's angels proclaim.

So .. what do they proclaim? Well .. they proclaim what God tells them to proclaim! In other words .. their proclamations are first dictated by God the Father .. then delivered by God the Son ... and then declared by the Angels of God.

Let me give you an example. Take your Bible and turn please to Revelation 1.1-3 ... N ...

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