by Ernest Easley

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Abortion and the Bible (3 of 4)
Series: The Moral Collapse of America
Ernest Easley
Jeremiah 1:5

We're thinking these days under the general heading: The Moral Collapse of America! This nation was built on a moral and spiritual foundation, and that foundation is crumbling! If the restoring of our moral values don't begin now, it may never begin. And that restoring begins by getting back to the Bible!

Morality is not determined by the vote of the people, nor is it determined by the opinions of the people, morality is determined by the Word of God. The Bible says in Romans 3.20, ''by the law is the knowledge of sin.''

For that reason, we're discovering what's causing the collapse and then God's cure for the collapse. The causes and cures of the moral collapse of America. I want to speak to you on this subject: Abortion and the Bible Jeremiah 1.5

Dr. L.A. Agnew, professor at the UCLA Medical School gave his students a question: ''What would you recommend: The Father has syphilis, the mother has tuberculosis. They've already had 4 children. One is blind, the second one died, the third is deaf, the fourth has TB. The mother is pregnant with her fifth child. The parents are willing to have an abortion, if you decide they should. What do you think they should do?''

The majority of the class voted that she should have an abortion. Then Dr. Agnew said, ''Congratulations class, you have just murdered Beethoven, for that was the circumstances of his home.''

We're thinking today about Abortion and the Bible. Back in the middle 80's I was pastoring a country church just west of Ft. Worth. One day a single adult in our church wanted to see me. As we met, she began telling me her situation. She was public school teacher in the elementary school. She was single living with her mother, and she was pregnant. She was considering an abortion. She said, ''To have this baby will cost me my job, reputation, I'll be run out of town.''

We talked about what ...

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