by Ernest Easley

Are There Angels in Midland? (1 of 5)
Dr. Ernest Easley

I want to welcome you to the first-ever Pastor's Bible study class on Sunday morning at First Baptist Church! Consider yourselves chartered members!

Sometime ago God gave me a desire to lead a class like this on a short term basis in an attempt to encourage more people to get into the Word of God. So .. I began thinking and praying about a subject. I wanted to do a study that people would be interested in learning more about.

Well .. it didn't take me long to find it! The subject of Angels! There has recently been an explosion of interest in angels. It's the subject matter in magazines to best-selling books to Television shows.

One of the most popular shows being aired today is "Touched by an Angel." Touched by an Angel is a weekly hour long drama on CBS. It's written by Martha Williamson a professing Christian. It has addressed issues like the impact of divorce on grown children and their attitudes toward marriage ... the reality of sin ... deathbed conversions .. to name a few.

Probably no major theological issue has received as much secular attention this decade than the doctrine of Angels. Today .. people are wearing angels' pins .. their talking about angel's presence and their watching angel's productions and their buying angel's portraits.

Angels seem to be everywhere .... or at least their being talked about. Angel mania has come to America!

So .. why do a study of Angels? Well .. because there's a lot of wrong information being peddled and in this class .. the Bible is going to be our source to better understand who angels are and what they do and what they don't do!

But let me tell you the main reason for this study on Angels: so that through it we might draw closer to God. We're not studying angels simply to get more information ... we're studying angels to get more inspiration to live godly in Christ Jesus!

Corrie Ten Boom tells in her book A Prisone ...

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