by Ernest Easley

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Slavery to Bravery (1 of 2)
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
April 28, 1996

All right ... let's play Bible Trivia! When you know the answer ... indicate it by raising your hand. Here we go! Question number 1: Who can tell us how many books in the New Testament have only 1 chapter? 4.

All right ... Question number 2: Who thinks they can name those four books? Philemon .. 2 John .. 3 John .. and Jude. And for the next several Sunday nights ... we're going to be discovering some timeless truths from these four- one chapter books.

Take your Bible and turn please to the book of Philemon. Now .. these one-chapter books are much like Postcards: they are short yet significant .... brief yet beneficial! These are God's special postcards and every postcard is loaded with wisdom!

We're thinking under the general heading: God's Special Delivery!

Now ... The period for delivery is Sunday nights. The people of the delivery are all of the saints. The purpose of the delivery is for our strengthening. God has a special delivery for you!

Now before we read our mail ... you need to know that in this postcard .. the Apostle Paul is trying to reconcile two men that he had personally won the Lord. One man named Philemon and the other man named Onesimus.

Now to make matters worse ... Onesimus was a runaway slave that belonged to Philemon. He apparently had stolen some money from Philemon and fled to Rome where he could blend in with the other millions of slaves in Rome.

When Onesimus arrived in Rome .. it didn't take him long to get into trouble and he ended up in jail. While there ... he met the apostle Paul and Paul who had a prison ministry going on led Onesimus to the Lord.

And just like the apostle Paul .. Onesimus was radically changed. His life was gloriously transformed. Now Onesimus teaches us a great truth! When we get right with God ... we get right with man!

You show me somebody out of sorts with man and I'l ...

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