by Ernest Easley

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The Seven Sayings from the Cross
The Possibility of Salvation
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Luke 23.33-43
February 11, 1996

Take God's Word please and turn to Luke 23. Last Sunday morning we began a series of messages ... seven in all ... that are taking us from the death on a cross to deliverance from a tomb! Messages that are taking us from sadness of hearts to shouts of Hallelujah! Messages that are taking us from the prints in his hands to the praise from the Heavens!

And of course I'm talking about the seven sayings from the cross! These are the final words that Jesus Christ spoke while hanging on an old rugged cross. On that cross we see our Lord's greatest work. And on that cross we hear our Lord's greatest words.

So ... for several weeks ... I want to invite you to join me ... as we survey the wondrous cross on which the prince of glory died!

We're thinking under the general heading: The Seven Sayings from the Cross. Last Sunday we learned about The Price for Forgiveness as Jesus said, "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do."

And now today ... as we lean in and hear the second saying from the cross .. we're going to learn not only about The Price for Forgiveness ... we're going to learn about ... I want you to see this morning The Possibility of Salvation! I want you to notice that The Possibility of Salvation is seen in ...


verse 39 ... Here we read that on both sides of Jesus ... hung two thieves. We're not given their names ... but we do know something about their nature. In fact ... Matthew and Mark refer to both of them as "robbers."

These men were no strangers to crime ... stealing and cheating and lying. And there hung between them was God in the flesh! There between those two robbers hung the redeemer! There between those two liars hung the Lord of lords! What an amazing situation!

It's here in verse 39 that we read that one of those thieves looked at our Lord and said, ...

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