by Ernest Easley

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Homosexuality and the Bible (2 of 4)
Series: The Moral Collapse of America
Ernest Easley
Romans 1:18-32

Please take your Bible and turn to Romans 1. We're thinking these days under the general heading: The Moral Collapse of America for America is sick! This nation was built on a moral and spiritual foundation, and that foundation is crumbling.

The time has come for a restoring of our moral values! I believe for the moral collapse to become the moral's time we stop rejecting and refusing the Word of God and to re-establish the Bible in all we do for morality is not determined by the vote of the people, it is determined by the Word of God...Romans 3.20, ''by the law is the knowledge of sin.''

Now, for the next few weeks...I want to talk to you about the Moral Collapse of America. We're going to discover what's causing the collapse and what God has to say about it.

This morning from Romans 1 we're thinking on this subject: Homosexuality and the Bible Romans 1.18-32

Today...we are seeing the homosexualization of America... and it is attacking the moral values of America! These are indeed the ''Gay 90's!'' Whoever began to call homosexuals ''gay'' must have had a bad sense of humor. Homosexuals are often very lonely people They are full of guilt. They are constantly fighting depression and see no way out!

Perhaps I'm speaking to some man this morning, perhaps a woman who is trapped in this sin. I want to tell you that there is hope for you! There is hope for the homosexual! The homosexual can be saved! The homosexual can be forgiven! The homosexual can be set free from their sin!

I'm saying to you that there is hope and that hope is found in a person and his name is Jesus Christ. And the book that tells us about that hope is called the Bible.

As we think about Homosexuality and the Bible! (1) THE TEACHING OF THE SCRIPTURES.

What does the scripture teach about homosexuality? Does the Bible leave us with no sound footing? ...

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