by Ernest Easley

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Walking The Talk (5 of 31)
Series: Foundations for Life
Ernest L. Easley
Genesis 5:21-24

Take God's Word and turn please to Genesis 5. Pastors, I praise the Lord today for you for having led your churches to become soul-winning churches. And I pray God that the Pastors of our state will follow your lead!

You indeed are pacesetters among the sea of servants scattered across our state! And I give glory and praise and Hallelujah's unto the Lord because of your conviction and your commitment to building up the Kingdom of God.

But I would have to be honest today to tell you that I have a concern these days! I have a burden deep within my soul. And that concern and burden is for pastors who will not only set the pace in reaching but that will set the pace for righteousness. Pastors that will set the pace not only in growth but for godliness. Pastors that will set the pace not only in witnessing for the Lord, but in walking with the Lord!

Now we talk a lot about walking with the Lord and we preach about walking with the Lord but I just wonder if we took a poll today in this room of pacesetters, with God as our judge, how many here today could say, ''I am walking in sweet fellowship with the Lord.'' The truth is that many among us talk about that walk, but I fear that there are few among us that are walking that talk! And that's what I want to talk to you about this afternoon:

Look if you will to Genesis 5.1, ''This is the book of the genealogy of Adam.'' All right do you have that? Now listen to Matthew 1.1, ''The book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ.'' The first book of the OT deals with the Adam's Family. The first book of the NT deals with the Jesus Family. The Adams' family is a record of failure and death. The Jesus' family is a record of victory and life! And may I tell you how wonderful it is to be in the Jesus family!

Now the 5th chapter of Genesis is like walking through a cemetery and reading the names on tombstones. Genesis 5.5, '' ...

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