by Ernest Easley

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Prison Life To Palace Life (27 of 31)
Series: Foundations for Life
Ernest Easley
Genesis 40-41

Have you ever been forgotten? Perhaps somebody forgot to send you an invitation to the party! Perhaps you were forgotten when it came time for a promotion or a raise! Perhaps you did something kind for somebody and they forgot to send you a thank-you note.

Have you ever been forgotten? Let me ask you a question. Do you think God ever forgets? I'm talking to some people here today and you feel like nobody cares about you and you're starting to wonder if God even knows where you are if God is even interested in your life. It may seem that God that forsaken you forgotten you!

Well I'm sure Joseph had thoughts like that! You will remember last Sunday in Genesis 39 that Joseph was thrown into prison! He wasn't there because he did something wrong! He was there because he did something right!

Had he committed adultery with Potiphar's wife he would have stayed out of prison, yet he would have sinned against God! Genesis 39 ends with Joseph in prison for being falsely accused of rape!

I can imagine when the doors slammed behind him that Satan must have whispered in his ear, ''Now what do you think about your God? Not only has your family forsaken you but your God has forgotten you.''

Well let me tell you ahead of time that Joseph may had been forgotten by his family, forgotten by Potiphar forgotten by Potiphar's wife forgotten by a prison inmate that he had helped, but he was not forgotten by God!

In fact 4 times in chapter 39 the Bible says that the Lord was with Joseph. That was the secret of his success! Things came into the life of Joseph that would have discouraged most men. Yet in the midst of it all Joseph came through with great victory because the Lord was with him!

He went from Prison Life to Palace Life and we read about it in Genesis 40. Take God's Word please and turn to Genesis 40. I want to speak to you for a few minutes today fro ...

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