by Ernest Easley

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Murder On Planet Earth (3 of 31)
Series: Foundations for Life
Ernest Easley
Genesis 4:1-15

We're continuing this morning in our series of messages from the book of Genesis under the general heading: Foundations For Life!

Take your Bible and turn please to Genesis 4. Now we have learned already that the book of Genesis is a book of foundations. If you're going to build a building that will survive the tests of time, the foundation must be solid and sure!

And if you're going to build a life that will survive the tests and trials of life, you too must have a solid and sure foundation! The Psalmist asks in Psm 11.3, ''If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?'' Foundations are fundamental for construction. Weather you're building a building or building a life!

But not only is the book of Genesis a book of foundations, it's also a book of firsts!

In Genesis 1 we saw the first man. Then in Genesis 2 we saw the first marriage. Genesis 3 records the first mistake. And now this morning we're going to see from Genesis 4 four firsts: the first mother (Eve) the first murderer (Cain) and the first martyr (Abel).

So from Genesis 4 we're thinking together on this subject:

Here we find recorded the world's first murder. Now last week in chapter 3 we saw the root of sin. Genesis 4 records the fruit of sin! Let's get right to what happened and how it applies to us.

As we think together about Murder on Planet Earth I want you to notice several things:

vv.1-2, We read here that Adam and Eve had a couple of boys. They named their first son ''Cain.'' The name ''Cain'' means ''I have asked him of the Lord.''

Adam and Eve asked the Lord for a son and a son they conceived and then received! So they named him ''Cain.''

The Bible then tells us that they had another son and they named him ''Abel.'' The name ''Abel'' means ''breath'' or ''vapor'' or ''vanity.''

As those boys grew up Cain ...

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