by Ernest Easley

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An Old Testament Portrait of Jesus (25 of 31)
Series: Foundations of Life
Ernest L. Easley
Genesis 37

And on this last Sunday night of 1996, I want to invite you to view an Old Testament portrait of our savior, the Lord Jesus Christ!

This morning from Genesis 37 we learned how to make your dreams come true from the life of Joseph. And now tonight as we remain in Genesis 37, we have before us a portrait, a picture of Jesus! So take your Bible and turn again to Genesis 37.

Now the Old Testament is full of portraits or pictures of Jesus! When you read the Bible, you ought to always look for Jesus Christ. You can find Jesus in every book in the Bible beginning with Genesis 1.1, ''In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the earth.''

You see, we have more than one hymn book! This is the original HIM book for it's all about Him! The Old Testament says that Jesus is coming! The Gospels say that Jesus has come! The epistles and the Revelation tells us that Jesus is coming again!

When you read and study the Bible keep your spiritual antenna up because standing somewhere in the shadows you'll find Jesus! And here in Genesis 37, the life of Joseph beautifully portrays the life of Jesus! Touch the life of Joseph at any point and see the person or work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

And so in Genesis 37 we find an Old Testament Portrait of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Genesis 37.2, Now here's Joseph with his jealous half brothers feeding the flock! And verse 3 says that ''Israel loved Joseph more than all his children.''

Now as you think of Joseph the beloved son of his father, I want you to think about,
-his name.

Verse 2, ''This is the genealogy of Jacob. Joseph,'' Do you know what the name ''Joseph'' means in the Hebrew? It literally means, ''the one who adds to; the one who multiplies, the one who adds, rather than the one who subtracts.''

You see even from his name we start to get a glimpse of Jesus f ...

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