by Ernest Easley

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How To Make Your Dreams Come True (24 of 31)
Series: Foundations for Life
Ernest L. Easley
Genesis 37

And what a beautiful introduction to this morning's message! Dream On! That's what I want to speak to you about this morning: Dreams! And more specifically, ''How To Make Your Dreams Come True.''

Take the Word of God please and turn to Genesis 37. This is the account of a teenage young man and his struggle with his brothers! And their struggle centered around a dream.

And I want to ask you this morning, Do you have a dream? I mean do you have a goal in life? Do you have an ambition? Something you're aiming for? Do you have a dream?

Somebody once said that it is better to aim at a good thing and miss it than to aim at a bad thing and hit it! Your life can't go according to plan if you have no plan!

Well I want to show you this morning from the Word of God ''How To Make Your Dreams Come True. Let's begin reading in Genesis 37.

Genesis 37.1-2, Now who were these boys that Joseph was with? Well verse 2 tells us that Joseph was ''with the sons of Bilhah.'' Now, who was Bilhah? Well look back to Genesis 30.1-5,

Bilhah was Rachel's maid! And with Bilhah, Jacob had two sons: Verse 6 tells us that the first son was named Dan. Dan was the kind of young man that could make a person feel as small as a grain of sound. He could cut you with his tongue. And that's who Joseph was with!

But Jacob had another son with the maid of Rachel and his name was Naf tuh ligh! Look at verse 8 Naf tuh ligh was a wild care free young man. He had a passion for the wild. He hated any kind of restriction on him. And if there was anything that Naf tuh ligh despised was a namby-pamby daddy's little pet! And Joseph was with Naf tuh ligh!

Dan with his cutting remarks! Naf tuh ligh with his carefree rebellion and together they were with young naive Joseph.

But not only was Joseph with the sons of Bilhah he was also with ''the sons of Zilpah.'' So who was Zilpa ...

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