by Ernest Easley

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Back To Bethel (23 of 31)
Series: Foundations for Life
Ernest L. Easley
Genesis 35

I want to invite you to take a trip with me today. A trip Back to Bethel! Take God's Word and turn please to Genesis 35.

As your finding Genesis 35 I want to ask you a question? Has there ever been a time when you loved Jesus more than you love Him right now? Has there ever been a time when you were more excited about the things of God than you are today? Has there ever been a time when you were closer to the Lord than you are this morning?

I read this week about a farmer and his wife who were driving to town in their pickup truck. The farmer was sitting behind the wheel in silence. His wife was sitting over against the door as far from her husband as she could get.

After several miles she said, ''You know dear, when we were first married we didn't sit this far a part.'' Without blinking an eye he said, ''I ain't the one that moved.''

And to you that are not as close to God as you once were God says, ''I'm not the one who moved.'' The Bible says, ''draw near to God and God will draw near to you.''

And I'm talking to some people this morning whose spiritual life needs renewing! It's time to renew yourself with God. It's time to realign yourself with God, it's time to reacquaint yourself with God.

Do you know what you have to do to backslide away from God? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! And I'm talking to some people today, who like Jacob, know the Lord, oh you've been saved all right! But somewhere along the way you've lost the joy of salvation! There's no excitement in your life. There's no desire to worship! Bible readings are a thing of the past! Sharing Jesus is only a memory of long ago! And what you need today is what Jacob needed in that day, you're faith rejuvenated and your family reclaimed for God!

It's time to go back to Bethel. That place where you first met God! That place where God became real to you! That place where you experienced God ...

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