by Ernest Easley

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The School Of Hard Knocks (21 of 31)
Series: Foundations for Life
Ernest L. Easley
Genesis 29:1-28

Take God's Word and turn please to Genesis 29. We're learning these days from the book of Genesis about foundations, foundations for life! There's no life on earth like the life that's built on a strong and sturdy foundation! And that's what the book of Genesis is all about! Foundations!

And praise the Lord that God tells us how to build a life that will withstand any storm!

One day a scouting coach for a football team came to see the head football coach and asked him what he was looking for in a football player.

The Coach said to the scout, "Well, there's the kind of guy that when you hit him he just stays down."

The Scout said, "Well Coach, we don't want him, do we?"

The Coach said, "NO! Then there's the kind of guy that when you knock him down, he gets up. But if you knock him down the second time he stays down."

The Scout said, "We don't want him either, do we coach?"

The Coach said, "NO. But there's the guy when you knock him down, he gets up gets knocked down gets up gets knocked down gets up."

The Scout said, "That's the guy we want right coach?"

The Coach said, "No. We don't want him either. What I want you to do as my scout is to find the guy who's knocking all those guys down. That's they guy I want."

Well, ol'e Jacob reminds me of a lot of Christians today! He kept getting knocked down! Genesis 28 ends with Jacob experiencing God for himself and it took place at Bethel!

Bethel became a special place for Jacob! And I pray God that you have a Bethel in your life! That is a place where God became real to you! A place where you experienced God for yourself!

I received a letter this week from a man in the Ector County Jail who worships every Sunday with us through our TV ministry. Listen to portions of this letter:

"This morning your sermon was about rather or not there is a Bethel in our life. On Octobe ...

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