by Ernest Easley

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Like Father, Like Son (18 of 31)
Series: Foundations for Life
Ernest L. Easley
Genesis 26:1-11

I'm speaking primarily to our men today. But ladies, there is indeed a message from God to you! Take your Bible and turn please to Genesis 26. The book of Genesis provides for us a blueprint for building a strong and sturdy foundation to build our lives upon!

And I pray God that your building your life and home upon the solid rock: the Lord Jesus Christ! Well we come to chapter 26 in our study of the book of Genesis.

Now I want to show you today from the Word of God how the sins of a Father are often times passed along to a son! Just as physicians tell us that diseases and physical problems are often passed down from one generation to another, and just as psychiatrists tells us that mental illnesses and emotional difficulties are often passed down from one generation to another, the Word of God tells us that the sins of a Father are often times passed on to a son!

Just as there is genetics of a cell, there is genetics of the soul! Now having said that, look with me for a few minutes today to Genesis 26. We're thinking today on this subject:

Like Father, Like Son! Now I want you to see from these verses

Now just as God had confirmed the selection of Abraham through whom He would bless the nations of the world through the Messiah, God now confirms it again to Isaac.

v.1, "There was a famine in the land, besides the first famine that was in the days of Abraham." Now here's Isaac facing the same situation that his father faced: a famine in the land!

Now there are some today who believe that if you invite Jesus Christ into your heart and decide to follow Jesus that all your worries are over! All your problems are gone!

Listen friend, to know Jesus and to love Jesus doesn't remove all your problems but it does mean that God will use those problems for your good! Romans 8.28, "For we know that a ...

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