by Ernest Easley

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You Can Count on God (15 of 31)
Series: Foundations for Life
Ernest L. Easley
Genesis 21-22

We're continuing our series of messages this morning from the book of Genesis. So take your Bible and turn please to Genesis 21.

You will remember from chapter 20 that Abraham and Sarah had lived a lie for 25 years. Abraham told his wife Sarah that every time they got into a difficult situation she was to tell whomever that Abraham was her brother and not her husband. Abraham thought that by telling a lie his life would be spared.

Now, somebody says, ''But Sarah was his half-sister. He really told a half truth.'' It's true, Sarah was his half-sister! But a half truth is nothing more than a whole lie! And here's Abraham and Sarah, living a lie for 25 years!

Now during those 25 years they had been waiting for God to fulfill His promise and give them a son! I can see Abraham and Sarah wringing their hands wondering why God had not given them a son! I'm sure that over the years they began to doubt God like some of you here today are doubting God. You're wondering why you're not receiving God's best and blessing on your life.

Listen they were looking for God's blessing and what they didn't know was that God was longing to give it! God wanted to give them His best! God wanted to give them His blessing! But until they dealt with their sin,. God's hands were tied! It's not that God didn't want to give them His best, He did! But not until they turned from their sin!

And your going to see today from Genesis 21 that as they came clean, God came through! It wasn't until they got right with God that they received God's best and God's blessing!

May I ask you a question this morning? What is it in your life that's preventing you from receiving God's best? What is it in your life that's robbing you from God's blessing? God is ready to give you His best! God's longing to give you His blessing! But first, you must come clean! You need to learn what Abraham and S ...

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