by Ernest Easley

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The Same Old Sin (14 of 31)
Series: Foundations for Life
Ernest L. Easley
Genesis 20

Take God's Word and turn please to Genesis chapter 20! This first book in the Bible takes us back to the basics! You could call it "Christianity 101." It shows us the importance of building our lives on a solid foundation! And if you want to know what kind of foundation you're building your life upon, then just wait until real trouble comes your way!

It's the winds that reveal the strength of the foundation! And God wants to prepare you for the storms that are sure to come! If you live long enough sooner or later a crisis will come tragedy will strike your home, heartache will happen! Jesus Christ said, "In the world you will have tribulation."

And praise the Lord that He tells us how to build our life on a solid and a strong foundation!

Now this morning from Genesis 20 we're going to discover that Abraham had a crack in his foundation! That's right a crack! This man of faith who was called "the friend of God" had a crack in his foundation! And that crack that weakness robbed him of God's blessing and God's best for his life!

And may I tell you today that if HE had a crack in HIS foundation, if HE had a weakness in HIS foundation that robbed him of God's best and God's blessing, that tells me that it is very possible and probable for YOU to have a crack, a weakness in your foundation that's robbing you of God's best and God's blessing!

Now you ask, "Pastor, what caused this great man of faith to have a crack in the foundation of his life? What was it in Abraham's life that robbed him of God's blessing and God's best?" Friend, Abraham had an old sin in his life that he never really dealt with! That's right! In fact, the roots of that sin were in his life for 25 years! He never pulled up the roots of that sin! He had never repented of that sin! His was a faulty foundation!

And we're going to learn today that sins that lay dormant, dominate! Dormant sins ...

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