by Ernest Easley

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Making Good Choices (11 of 31)
Series: Foundations for Life
Ernest L. Easley
Genesis 13

We're continuing our series of messages from the book of Genesis. Take your Bible and turn please to the first book in the Bible! The book of Genesis! We're thinking these days under the general heading: Foundations for Life!

And isn't it wonderful that God tells us how to build our life on a solid a strong, a sure foundation! He not only wants to save your soul, He wants to give you an abundant life here on earth!

If He wasn't interested in helping you live in victory here on earth after you invited Him into your life, He would just bring up on up to Heaven!

And may I say that if you're interested in building your life on a strong foundation,. if you're interested in living the kind of life that can withstand any storm any tragedy any heartache, then the book of Genesis is for you!

Last Sunday morning we met a man named Abram! Abram did well when it came to choosing friends! He's the only person in the Bible who is called ''the friend of God.''

May I ask you a question? Are you and God friends? Hum? Have you made God your friend yet? And if not why not? And if not now, when? ''What a friend we have in Jesus!'' Make God your friend! That's what Abram did! He was ''the friend of God.''

And how encouraging to us, knowing that Abram was a friend of God and yet every time God tested his faith, he failed! And we learned from chapter 12 that past failures don't exclude us from God's future blessings! It's possible to fail God and still be used by God! I'm telling you that there is hope for every failure! Get up and dust yourself off in Jesus name and move forward by faith!

Abram did and God blessed him for it!

Now we come to chapter 13 in our study! Chapter 12 ended by a pagan ruler rebuking a man of God for his lying and scheming and was sent out of Egypt and back to Canaan where God told him to go!

Genesis 12.20, ''So Pharaoh commanded his ...

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