by Wayne Coleman

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How to Be Debt Free (10 of 12)
Wayne Coleman

Simultaneous to developing an obedient and effective accounting system, you should be moving yourself into a debt-free position. By becoming debt-free, you move money from previously fixed expenses to flexible expenses and can be better prepared for investments. Let's look at a step-by-step process to get out of debt. The first requirement is a spiritual one. You need to spend some time fellowshipping with the Lord, confessing to Him your previous acts of disobedience for receiving through borrowing. Then there needs to be an act of repentance which basically means not to borrow in the future. You must be sure, that in the future, all that you receive comes by the grace of God through faith as a result of obedient fellowship with Him about the need.

You could sit down and physically evaluate your debt, physically evaluate a process to become debt-free, and physically manipulate a plan to become debt-free. But, you would not experience God through this process. Your getting out of debt should be a supernatural experience that glorifies God as your source to become debt-free. To do so, you must become submissive to the will of God, to His process for getting out of debt. You will find God's will as you fellowship with Him through the need of getting out of debt.

I have seen and heard testimonies of many people who have gotten out of debt by the hand of God. Some were in very unusual ways while others were not so unusual, but they knew that God did it. One man who attended a seminar asked God to free him from debt at the close of one of the meetings. That evening he received a phone call from another man, several hundred miles away in another city, who forgave him of several thousand dollars of indebtedness while talking on the phone. The man who was being forgiven knew that the forgiveness was not from the other man on the phone, but knew that it was from the grace of God by faith. It was a result of his faith in ...

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