by Johnny Hunt

Beginnings (Uncharted Waters)
Johnny Hunt
Joshua 3:1-10

INTRODUCTION: During World War II there was a battalion of courageous and hard-working men called Seabees. Their job was to follow combat units into newly conquered territories to build barracks, bridges, roads, and landing strips. Their slogan was, ''The difficult we will do immediately; the impossible may take us a while longer!'' These men, not unlike Israel, faced what appeared to be an insurmountable difficulty.

Through this wonderful Old Testament book of Joshua, we come to that momentous event in the history of the children of Israel when they crossed from the wilderness into the land of Canaan, by way of the Jordan River. The crossing of Jordan does not illustrate the passing of a soul into eternity, but rather it illustrates the passing of a Christian from one level of Christian life to another. It marks the end of a life lived on the principle of effort and the beginning of a life lived on the principle of faith and obedience. Between these two rolls the mighty river Jordan, a river of impossibility.

Chapter 2 closes with the personal victory of one Rahab. Now Chapter 3 commences with corporate victory of a nation. This story does not then just deal with the history of a nation; it is about your life and the life of our church today. It's about what God wants to do here and now for those who trust Him. The book of Joshua is about the victory of faith and the glory that comes to God when His people trust and obey.

British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli said, ''the world was never conquered by intrigue; it was conquered by faith.''

God didn't save us to make statues out of us and put us on exhibition. He saved us to make soldiers out of us and move us forward by faith to claim our rich inheritance in Jesus Christ. Deuteronomy 6:23 Moses said it well, ''He brought us out, that He might bring us in.'' Too many of God's people have the mistaken idea that salvation, being delivered fro ...

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