by Wayne Coleman

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Obedient Family Protection (8 of 12)
Wayne Coleman

Your need for a detailed, step-by-step plan to help achieve an objective of a prosperity that pleases God should be very clear as a result of the homework accomplished in the previous chapter. The first step is to become an investor. There are certain steps that must be taken to qualify you to be an investor. Step number one is perhaps the most important and that is to properly protect your family for the provision of their needs in the event of your death. It also includes proper protection of your estate and future income in the event of a major medical catastrophe as well as protection should there be a major disability and your family would have to meet your needs as well as theirs. There must also be a protection of all your assets with casualty insurances.

In the next few pages we will be describing a plan that should be implemented immediately for the protection of your family. After the protection of your family, we will discuss such things as getting out of debt, setting aside cash reserves, and moving on into investments, which will be covered in a later chapter. But, let's first begin with the most immediate priority in beginning to be an investor.

Life Insurance
Insurance may not be your favorite subject. In fact you may be very negative about the insurance industry, about insurance products, and even about those people who sell it. If these are your feelings about insurance, you are probably in the majority of most Americans. Most people do not have a positive attitude toward the purchase of such products as life insurance. They would much rather spend their money on other things. This negative attitude about insurance and especially life insurance has brought much grief into the families of many men who did not properly plan for the protection of their family's. Let me simply ask you this question: "If the Lord were to choose to take you home today, how would your family survive financially ...

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