by Jerry Vines

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Manasseh, the Meanest King Who Ever Lived (13 of 14)
Kings on Parade
Jerry Vines
II Chronicles 33, II Kings 21

When I was a teenage boy and Billy Graham was just
beginning his ministry on black and white television
sets, I remember hearing him bring a message on King
Manasseh. He called that message, the Meanest Man Who
Ever Lived. I thought to myself, as a young preacher
boy, that's a message I need to preach sometime. Well,
after almost 50 years I have finally gotten around to
preaching a message on Manasseh, the meanest king who
ever lived.

The times of Manasseh were very much like the times
which you and I live. They were the latter years in
the era of the kings of Israel. Very soon, in just a
matter of years, the people of God are going to be
carried away into foreign captivity. It was a depraved
day in many ways.

It was very much like our culture. We are living in a
declining, depraved culture. Very often you can get an
idea of the depravity of the times if you will look at
the leaders in that particular day.

I thank God for many wonderful leaders in government
and places of authority. There are some godly
Christian men. I am thankful we have a Christian
president who begins every morning reading the Bible
and praying. But when you look around and see many
people who are in places of prominence and public
authority you will discover that they very often are a
mirror of the times in which they live. That is
certainly true in our day and it was certainly true in
the days of Manasseh.

Manasseh was twelve years old when he began to reign
and he reigned for 55 years. As best I can recall that
was the longest reign of any of the kings of Judah in
the south or any of the kings of Israel in the north.
The Bible tells us that he did that which was evil in
the sight of the Lord. Verse 2 told us that. In
contrast we are told back up in chapter 32, verse 32
about his father, Hez ...

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