by Jerry Vines

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Elisha, The Shunamite Woman (10 of 14)
Series: Kings on Parade
Jerry Vines
2 Kings 4

I love these Old Testament lessons. I have called this series of studies ''Kings On Parade.'' In the course of looking at a number of the kings of Israel and Judah, we are also looking at some of the prophets. We are looking particularly at Elisha this evening.

Elisha takes our attention. He sets center stage on the pages of God's Holy Word. The transition has been made from Elijah, the fiery prophet of Mt. Carmel to Elisha who was a bit calmer, a bit quieter man than was Elijah.

Elijah's name meant Jehovah is my God. Elisha's name means my God is salvation. You will notice that Elijah was the fierier of the two and Elisha was a quieter man who like the Lord Jesus Christ went about doing good. You may recall that Elisha prayed for a double portion of the Spirit that was on Elijah to be on him. God granted him that request. We know that Elisha lived twice as long as Elijah did. We also know that Elijah performed 8 miracles and Elisha performed 16 miracles. Indeed, God gave him a double portion.

As you read through the life of Elisha you will find that he performs a number of miracles. We could take a lot of time in the third chapter and talk about some of those miracles there. One of my favorite passages in the life of Elisha is in the third chapter when the two kings were getting ready to go to war against the Moabites. They wanted a message from the Lord. They wanted some encouragement from the Lord. They came to Elisha. In chapter 3, verse 15 it says that Elisha said, ''Now bring me a minstrel (musician), and it came to pass that when the minstrel played that the hand of the Lord came upon him and he prophesied.'' I have used that many times to talk about the role of music in the preaching of God' word. Music has a vital part to play in the preaching of God's holy word. As this minstrel began to play, the spirit of the Lord came upon Elisha the man of God and h ...

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