by Jerry Vines

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Solomon: The Wise King Who Became a Fool (4 of 14)
Series: Kings on Parade
Jerry Vines
1 Kings 1-11

I'm drawing some practical life lessons from the kings in the Old Testament with this series of messages. We are going to find that there is quite a bit there for us. This evening we are looking at King Solomon, the wise king who became a fool.

The books of Samuel have to do with the transition in the history of the Jewish people from the period of the judges to the period of the kings. The books of Kings and Chronicles have to do with the period of the monarchy in the history of the Jewish people, the terrible failure of the monarch among the Jewish people. It lasted for about 465 years.

The first 120 years there was a single man upon the throne. Saul sat upon that throne for 40 years. David sat upon that throne for 40 years. His son, Solomon, sat upon that throne for 40 years. So, for 120 years of their history, they had a single monarch upon the throne. There were three in succession.

At that point in time there is a split in the kingdom. It splits into north and south. The northern kingdom is Israel. The Southern kingdom is Judah. That lasts for about 365 years until the northern kingdom is carried away into captivity and the southern kingdom is carried away into captivity. The basic lesson we learn through all of those almost 500 years of history is that when you don't do it God's way, you always pay the price.

Tonight we come to Solomon, one of the best known characters in all of the Bible. He is mentioned about 300 times in the Old Testament. He is mentioned about 12 times in the New Testament. Three times are very familiar to us. He is mentioned in Matthew 1, which gives us the genealogy of the Lord Jesus Christ. Solomon is in that family tree of Jesus. He is mentioned in the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 6. There Jesus said, ''Consider the lilies of the field, even Solomon in all of his glory, is not arrayed like one of these.'' The third ...

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