by Jerry Vines

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Saul - The People's King (2 of 14)
Series: Kings on Parade
Jerry Vines
1 Samuel 9

Saul was the first king of the children of Israel. In I Samuel there are three main players. There is Samuel. We looked at his life last week. He was not a king, but he was a kingmaker. Samuel anointed the first two kings of Israel, Saul and David. He is a transitional figure. He is the last of the judges and first of the prophets.

The second player is Saul who is the first king and he was really the people's king. The third main player is David who was the great king, God's choice for the children of Israel.

We are going to study the life of Saul this evening. We obviously can't deal with everything in it. You could spend many, many weeks just studying the life of Saul, but I'm going to try to give you the highlights and draw from the life of Saul some of the main lessons God has for us.

Saul is one of those unusual characters in the Bible. Saul is what you would call an enigma. There was greatness in him, but there was also weakness in him. Saul had the potential to be one of the great characters in the Old Testament. Yet, he did not. The question come up, was Saul saved? This is a question that has been asked by Bible students for a long time. Was Saul a saved man? You will make the decision. You will decide whether or not he was.

I want to just give you the highlights and wrap it up in some succinct points for you this evening. The first thing I want to talk about this man Saul is this.

I. His Positive Beginning.

When you read the story of Saul you find out that this man had a very positive beginning. Look at chapter 9 and we are told in verse 2 something about his physical appearance. He was a very tall and handsome man. This scripture says that he was head and shoulders above anybody else. I have a feeling he was probably the center for Benjamin High school. He was a tall guy. He was good looking. There's nothing wrong with good looks. But don't ever thin ...

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