by Jerry Vines

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Samuel the King Maker (1 of 14)
Kings on Parade
Jerry Vines
1 Samuel 1-12

Tonight is the beginning of a brand study which I am calling, Kings on Parade. We are going to look at the double books in the Old Testament. There are six books in the Old Testament which are called the double books, Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles. In these books we have the transition in the life of the children of Israel from a theocracy to a monarchy. From the period of the judges to the period of the kings, the collapse of the kingdom into the divided kingdom. All this is taken up in First Samuel right on to the end of Second Chronicles.

Obviously I'm not going to be able to deal with everything in those six books. I intend to bring maybe 14 messages or so. But I intend to take some of the lives of the kings and draw some lessons from the lives of those kings.

Why am I dusting off these old history books in the Old Testament? Why are we interested in what happened hundreds and hundreds of years ago? Well the Bible says in the New Testament that ''whatsoever things were written aforehand, were written for our instruction, for our encouragement, our enlightenment.'' So we believe that the Holy Spirit who inspired these book, though they had a contemporary message for their day, they also are applicable in any day. So we can draw lessons for our nation. We can draw lessons for our family, our church, and our personal life.

We are going to look at Samuel this evening. Samuel was not a king, but he was a kingmaker. God used this man in a very special way as a transitional person. Someone has said that Samuel was the last of the judges and the first of the prophets.

As you study these lives of the kings you will notice that the ministry of the prophets is very prominent. Sometimes the names of the prophets are given, Elijah and Elisa in particular. At other times the names of the prophets are not given. Any time a prophet appears in Scripture, it is an indication that it is ...

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