by Jerry Vines

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O Glorious Cross! (17 of 17)
Born AGAIN Free
Jerry Vines
Galatians 6:11-18

This is our 17th study in Galatians and I have really
enjoyed it. I've been through the book many, many
times, but the Lord has given me some new things this
time. Two weeks from tonight, God willing, I will
begin a series of studies in Samuel, Kings and
Chronicles entitled, Kings on Parade. I will give you
some thumbnail sketches of some of the kings of the
Old Testament and I will also take up Samuel and the
prophet Elijah and the prophet Elisha along the way.
These are some of the most exciting passages of
Scripture in the entire Bible.

Paul now comes to the conclusion of this marvelous
letter to the Galatian believers. He reaches over to
his amanuensis who was writing down as Paul dictated
to him and he begins to write as he says in verse 11,
"With his own hand." He says, "see how large a
letter." Literally he is saying, you see with what
large letters I am writing to you with mine own hand.
There are those who believe that Paul had eye
problems. I can certainly identify with eye problems.
I've been having some eye difficulties for some time.

So Paul had some eye difficulties and they say that
perhaps he was writing with large letters because he
himself could see what he had written. But basically I
think he is really saying, "I'm fixing to put in
boxcar letters the heart of my ministry so no one will
forget what I have to say."

We know that Paul was the great apostle. He was also
the mighty warrior. Not a literal warrior. We are
using figurative terms. He was a mighty warrior for
Christ in the sense that he did battle for the truth.
He was battling for the truth of the gospel. All
through this letter that's what Paul has been doing.
He has been fighting those who would say there was any
other way of salvation besides the shed blood of the
Lord Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary. He is
lifting ...

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