by Jerry Vines

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Restoring the Fallen (14 of 17)
Born AGAIN Free
Jerry Vines
Galatians 6:1

I'm glad that on the night e are ordaining deacons
that we have come to this particular verse of
Scripture. It is going to have some real application
for our spiritual leaders. I'll be through in just a
few weeks with this series. Two or three more messages
and we will complete our verse by verse treatment of
Galatians. We'll be moving on to Kings on Parade, the
study of some Old Testament kings and the practical,
down to earth lessons we learn from them.

This verse is probably a verse which is familiar to
you. Let's read it and then we'll take it almost word
by word. "Brethren (generic term for all believers),
if a man (person) be overtaken in a fault, ye which
are spiritual restore such a one in the spirit of
meekness, considering thyself lest thou also be

This verse is so important that I wanted to spend the
entire Bible study tonight on it. It has to do with a
very important ministry in the life of a church and in
the Christian faith.

Have you ever gone to one of those unclaimed freight
places? I have from time to time and I was really
astonished at some of the things you could find there.
You wondered why would anybody just never claim
something that would be of that value or importance.
We used to have a man in our church who was involved
in hunting for buried treasure. He would find
information about ships that had gone down that were
loaded with all kinds of treasure. He would be
involved in enterprises looking for buried treasures.
So you can find some unusual, unexpected treasures in
unexpected places.

One of the places you can find some unclaimed
treasures or some unexpected opportunities is on the
roles of our churches and our Bible classes.
Untrained, unclaimed treasure. There are people who
have served the Lord and yet for whatever reasons they
are not serving the Lord at the ...

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