by Jerry Vines

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The Flesh vs. the Spirit (13 of 17)
Born AGAIN Free
Jerry Vines
Galatians 5:16-26

I've been having some trouble with a person in our
church and it think it is time for me to just go ahead
and call the individual's name. It's been going on the
entire 20 years I have been a member of this
fellowship. So tonight I want to expose this
individual who has been giving me so much trouble in
our church fellowship. The person who gives me more
trouble than anybody else in this fellowship is
myself. I have been having this same problem as long
as I can remember. The basic problem all of us face is
ourselves. The song writer said, "It's not my brother,
it's not my sister, but it's me o, Lord, standing in
the need of prayer."

Very soon after you come to be a Christian you make a
rather startling discovery. You discover that there is
a battle going on. You are saved. You have trusted the
Lord as your Savior. But now you find that as a
believer you have some enemies.

The believer has three main enemies. He has an enemy
without, that's Satan. He has an enemy, that's the
world. But he also has an enemy within, that's the
flesh. The Bible teaches that the world, the flesh and
the devil are the three main enemies of the believer
and I have come to believe in my own experience that
our number one enemy of all is that old flesh.

When you are born physically, you get your physical
nature. Jesus said in John 3, verse 6, "that which is
born of the flesh is flesh." You get your flesh nature
at the time of your physical birth. Your flesh nature
is not your flesh and blood. It's not talking about
the flesh on your bones. When the Bible uses the word
flesh in this connection, it is making reference to
your old nature, to your sin nature. It's that nature
with which you are born. That flesh in you. "That
which is born of the flesh is flesh."

Then Jesus said in that verse, "That which is born of
the Spi ...

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