by Jerry Vines

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Falling from Grace (11 of 17)
Born AGAIN Free
Jerry Vines
Galatians 5:1-6

It is in these verses that the phrase comes along that
we are going to consider this evening. It's the
phrase--fallen from grace--and what that means. I
would encourage you to put a star or make a special
mark by that first verse of the 5th chapter. This
really is the climatic verse of everything Paul has
said. It is actually the pivotal verse of the entire
book of Galatians.

To refresh our minds and get the overall picture, let
me just remind you that the six chapters of the book
of Galatians crack down into three major divisions of
two chapters each. In the first two chapters Paul
shares personal matters with us and tells us how it is
that he received his message. He is having to defend
his apostleship. He is having to defend the message of
grace which he has preached to the believers in

In the next two chapters--three and four--he takes up
doctrinal matters. He goes into the whole doctrine of
salvation by grace--why it is that we can be saved by
grace and cannot be saved by law.

In chapters five and six he is going to become very,
very practical. He is going to make application and
explain what it means to be saved by grace. He is
going to show that not only are you saved by grace
through faith in Jesus Christ, but also that you live
the Christian life by grace through faith in the Lord
Jesus Christ.

So really this first verse of this chapter is the
pivotal verse of the whole book. It all revolves
around this verse. Everything that has been said up to
this point leads to this statement right here. And
everything that is going to be said after this verse,
flows from this statement. He is talking about the
life of liberty which has been made available for us
in the salvation of Jesus Christ by faith in Him. He
is basically saying to them--you have been set free!
He is saying--hold your grou ...

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