by Christopher Harbin

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Reports of Giants (37 of 52)
Series: Discipleship
Christopher B. Harbin
Numbers 13:25-33

What do we do when we are faced with doubts, uncertainties, and fears of what lies ahead? It is one thing to talk and sing about how God has been faithful in the past, but another thing entirely to trust God into an uncertain future we can't make out. When God calls us forward into the unknown, how willing are we to trust God amid all the potential pitfalls that might await us?

After leaving bondage in Egypt, the Hebrews received Yahweh's instructions for living in the land promised to their forefather, Abraham. They had come through the Sea of Reeds, escaping the pursuing Egyptians and had some time to recover. Then they marched toward that promise, setting up camp in the Paran Wilderness. From there, Moses sent spies north to check out the Promised Land.

These were to be the first of the Hebrews to lay eyes on the land Yahweh had promised to turn over to them. They were sent to take stock of the land's agricultural bounty, the strength of the people who lived there, and the fortifications of the cities in the land. The Hebrews were not a warring nation. They were not skilled in the use of arms. They were laborers, slaves who had learned to till, build, and care for the needs of their overlords. Moses wanted to know what they were up against, fully aware they did not have fighting experience.

Some time had passed since their departure from Egypt and crossing the Sea of Reeds. Moses was ready to get on with leading the people into the future Yahweh had in store for them. He sent out his band of twelve spies and awaited their return and report. After a month, they returned bearing some of the agricultural produce of the land, as well as their assessment of what lay before them.

This was not exactly the report Moses had been expecting. Sure, the produce was all they had hoped it would be and more than what Yahweh had promised. They brought back something mor ...

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