by Jerry Vines

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CONVERTS: What to Do with Them (9 of 17)
Born AGAIN Free
Jerry Vines
Galatians 4:12-20

Sometimes when you consider the life of the Apostle
Paul, the one who wrote at least half and maybe more
than half the books of our New Testament, you will get
the impression that he is just merely an intellectual
scholar--all head and no heart. Or sometimes when you
follow his very carefully crafted arguments through
these letters of the New Testament dealing with the
crucial issues of the time, you may get the idea that
he is just merely an astute lawyer who is concerned
about the intricacies of the case, but not really
concerned about the people who are involved. You get
the idea he is Paul the apostle, Paul the theologian,
Paul the mighty defender of the faith. You get the
idea sometimes that maybe Paul was not as loving as he
ought to be. Or not as tender or kind as he ought to

Sometimes when people have strong convictions they
express themselves forcefully. People have the idea
that they are harsh or unloving. I have a feeling that
sometimes people had that view of the Apostle Paul. If
anybody had ever verbalized those feelings to Paul
that he was a harsh or unloving person, I have a
feeling that Paul would have blinked those weak eyes
and would have stared at the accusers in unbelief. If
there is anything that this man was--it was a man who
had a loving heart. He is a man who is a passionate
soulwinner. He wept for people to be saved. He was a
concerned pastor, anxious for the spiritual welfare of
his converts.

He is writing this letter to his converts. These are
people he had won to the Lord. Paul had gone to the
area of Galatia and won these people to Christ. They
were his converts. He not only is concerned that they
be won to Christ, but he is also concerned about their
nurture and their maturity. He is concerned that they
grow in the Lord.

I remember my pastor when I was sav ...

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